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Objectives in the maritime industry today should:


Recognise- that the current international regulations set a standard which, if properly implemented by all operators and effectively enforced by all flag States, would ensure shipping services of high technical, safety and environmental quality;


Acknowledge- that the acceptance of substandard practices by any sector of the maritime industry including its customers is detrimental to the protection of people and the environment, ship safety and fair competition, and that the elimination of such practices would benefit all responsible participants in the market and contribute to an enhanced safety and quality culture throughout the industry;


Be aware- that quality shipping needs quality seafarers and that compliance with internationally agreed training, competence and working standards are integral to ship safety, the promotion of a safety culture and to quality shipping;


Urge- public authorities to increase their efforts to raise quality awareness and harmonise port State control and focus it particularly on substandard ships, to ensure more transparent and accurate information on the quality of ships obtained through port State control and to exercise restraint in introducing new and additional technical requirements for ships and crews;


 Endorsing the following 7 principles:




1. Each link in the maritime responsibility chain, be it at sea or on shore, should make safety considerations an integral part of its activities.

2. Shipping Industry participants should take reasonable care to ensure that the ships with which they are operating are of good standards of quality. Accordingly, they should avoid chartering, operating, managing or otherwise doing business with ships which clearly do not meet the internationally applicable standards and requirements.

3. Shipping Industry participants should resist substandard practices in any part of the maritime industry. In doing so they should promote dialogue and co-operation with other links in the maritime responsibility chain and consequently with public authorities.

4. Shipping Industry participants should, where appropriate and on a   voluntary basis, share relevant information relating to compliance with international codes and regulations thus contributing to greater transparency in the maritime industry.

5. In their joint and individual participation in the Shipping industry associations and participants should ensure that their conduct always remains within applicable legal constraints.

6. Shipping Industry associations should reflect good working practices stated herein or in a Code of Conduct and should encourage their assosiates to observe those principles at all times.

7. The maritime industry, in co-operation with the relevant public authorities, should observe and evaluate all developments, abating substandard practices in any sector of the maritime.




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